Play, pretense, and fantasy allow us to control the narrative of our own lives, to relate to others on our own terms, and to lighten the load of the everyday.  Complements (rather than opposites) of seriousness, authenticity and reality, they are a timeless presence in the human narrative.

Lately, I find inspiration in the games, comics, and advertising of my growing-up years in Portugal as a recognition of the impact they had on my younger self and their telescopic reach into adulthood. Thus, a rousing round of marbles brings a thrill-rush to the schoolyard but morphs into the ruthless game of a winner-take-all society; superhero comic-book narratives, with their compellingly simplistic dualities of good and evil are reminiscent of the shallow politics of today; the frantic search for the hidden treasure in the cereal box is not unlike the endless quest for the greener grass and the perfect bargain.  

And so I ask myself:  do we ever grow up? And is it possible to recapture innocence through the lens of maturity?

Diverse and multi-media in nature, my work consists of large and small-scale paintings, wall hangings, and sculptural ceramics.  Designed to talk to one other while standing on their own, these art forms are different expressions of the same inquiry.

My work is, in summary, both playful and serious.  It is rendered in the colors and patterns of childhood but shaped by the questioning of an adult mind who wonders about innocence lost.